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Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum


Product Highlights

  • Customer Sync
  • Inventory Update
  • Product Sync
  • Customer Groups Sync
  • Customer Order Data Sync
  • Tier Pricing Sync
  • Real-time Inventory Check at Order Placement
  • Customer Store Credits Update
  • Customer Offline Update
  • Order Offline Update

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Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum

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  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum
  • Magento - Microsoft RMS Connect Platinum

Magento Editions Compatibility


Quick Overview

Real Time, Bi-Directional, Seamless Integration of 'Magento' with 'Microsoft Dynamics RMS’ !

Are you tired of,

  • Maintaining Magento and Dynamics RMS independently
  • Huge Redundancy of Information
  • Huge Labor Cost in handling two systems separately
  • Huge Delay in Order Processing
  • Poor Inventory Check with your Warehouses
  • Huge Returns for Orders placed

Then Go for, i95Dev Magento RMS Connect which is capable of solving not only the above mentioned problems but also an extension that could provide the following:

  • Real-Time Integration – A Connector that could best integrate Magento with Dynamics RMS in real time such that, the information is instantly updated in Magento or Dynamics RMS  
  • Minimized Order Aging – This would reduce the no of hours that you spend in processing a particular Order for a Customer which in turn increase performance of your operations  
  • Inventory Aging - As there is a real time integration between Magento & Dynamics RMS, the inventory is updated in a real time, so there would be no Back Orders
  • Increased Cash flow – As the time required for your regular business operations are reduced by i95Dev Magento RMS Connect, it would create a space for reducing maintenance cost  
  • Reduced Sales Order Outstanding – It would reduce the bottleneck scenario of having pending Orders
  • Reduced return’s ( RMA) – Since the inventory is up to date, there is a reduction of Returns that you have to provide for customers
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction – As the Order Processing time gets reduced, the customers could get their Orders in time without any delay
  • Reduced Man power & Cost – The Man Power & the related Cost gets reduced because of the reason that these two entities i.e. Magneto & Dynamics RMS are connected.
  • Tracking Facility for the In-store Customers – There are certain Orders that are placed in-store which are requested to ship later rather than a direct checkout. In this scenario, a Customer can track their Order placed in the store
  • Attract more B2B business using Credit Limits –  Credit limit option lets you to increase a better relationship between B2B customers by providing Credit option to buy products online

  • Features of i95Dev Magento RMS Connect - Platinum

    Customer Information Sync

    • Customer Creation/ Update from Magento or RMS
    • Multiple Customer Address Creation / Update from Magento or RMS
    • Magento Guest Checkout with Order and Customer Creation in RMS

    Order Data Sync

    • Order information sync between Magento and RMS
    • Invoice generation from Magento or RMS
    • Order Status Updates
    • Shipment Creation from Magento or RMS
    • Shipment Tracking number update from Magento or RMS

    Product Information Sync

    • Product SKU/Product Name/Product Description/etc are Synced from Magento & Dynamics RMS

    Inventory Update

    • Product Inventory status is available for the customer in Real-time
    • Product Price, Product Cost, Quantity and Weight will be updated from RMS to Magento during inventory sync

    Order Status Synchronization

    • Customer can track the order status easily as the order status is synchronized in Magento and RMS
    • New orders, shipment and invoice can be generated from either Magento or RMS. The corresponding order status is available from Magento or RMS

    Customer Groups Sync

    • Create Customer Groups
    • Assign a Customer to a Customer group
    • Tier Prices for a Customer Group can be created in either Magento or RMS

    Tier Pricing Sync

    • Tier Pricing rules can have two way sync between Magento and RMS
    • Create Tier Prices

    Store Credits

    • Assign Store Credits to Customers from Magento or RMS
    • Customers can purchase online using their Store Credits

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