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  1. i95Dev Email A Cart Product Image

    Magento Email A Cart Extension


    Now let your friends know about your shopping. Email your Shopping Cart ! 

    Would you like to share your products that you purchased with your friends ? Then use this extenstion to email your Shopping Cart

    Magento Email a Cart Extension enables you to send a complete Shopping Cart details using an email to any of your friends & family that you would like to share with. Every product that is added to the shopping cart can also be sent using email. This is an unique way to save your shopping cart details.

    By default a Customer can save only one wish list in Magento, but this extension enables customers to save Multiple Shopping Carts/Wish Lists and sent to your emails to share with others or for future reference. Customers can auto save their shopping carts sending to your emails and reorder the same shopping cart items as and when you needed with just a click.

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  2. i95Dev Smart Google Custom Search

    Smart Google Custom Search Extension


    Loose No Customers using Smart Google Custom Search Extension! 

    Are you losing any customers?
    Are you getting huge bounce rate for your store?
    Do your customers complain that they are unable to find your products on your store?
    Are you working heavily to configure ‘Magento Search Terms’?

    Then get rid of those problems!

    Our Smart Google Custom Search Extension is a unique product that has capability to search for right keywords even though a customer provides wrong or incorrect keywords. 

    The extension uses Google Custom Search Features to search more rigorously about products that are available in your store. The Google Search Algorithm in this extension suggests synonyms for the search keywords.

    The  Magento Google Custom Search Algorithm thats is an inbuilt feature of this extension basically searches whole Magento Database for a particular keyword that a customer is looking for and provides information. In case, the search fails to find any keyword related to what client is looking for, then it will fetch the data of your store thats been stored over Google Database and show in store.  

    Customers are provided with Keyword Suggestions even though they type a keyword that is wrong spelled. This in turns helps customers to search more effectively about your product information and increase your ROI.

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  3. i95Dev Product Matrix

    Magento Product Matrix Extension


    • Are you suffering with the inefficient features of a basic Configurable Products  ?
    • Unable to generate Multiple Products at a time ?
    • Unable to Import Inventory - Price ?
    • Unable to do mass update for the Qty, Price, Weight, Cost ?

    Product Matrix can be used to provide ‘Multiple Products’ for same item at a time with different colors & sizes. We can search those product based on the colors or with required sizes. 


    • Generate Multiple Products in a Single Click: You can select any no of Attributes such as Color/Size/Brand/etc for a Matrix Product & Generate as many Matrix Products as you like with a Single Click
    • Mass Matrix Product Update: You can update Qty/Price/Weight/Cost of all the Matrix Child Products at  once unlike updating individual Matrix Item or Matrix Product one by one. This lets you to provide required attributes for different Matrix Products & update all at once.
    • Mass Filling of Matrix Product: You can update Qty/Price/Weight/Cost of the Matrix Child Products at once i.e. in this case, you can provide required attribute values at once which would autofill all the child products unlike in the above case where in you have to provide required attributes for each and every child product. 
    • Easy Save of Matrix Child Products: You can modify & save all the Matrix Child Products easily without opening each and every child product.
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  4. i95dev_easyquotes

    i95Dev Advanced Sales Quotes Extension


    i95Dev Advanced Sales Quotes Extension is a Magento Extension which allows users to send quotation request from Magento front end with a user friendly Request-for-Quote (RFQ) form. On submitting the RFQ form customers receive an email conformation for the quote requested. The extension also enables users to edit quote, cancel quote and convert quote to order.

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  5. i95Dev Sales Person

    i95Dev Sales Person Extension


    i95Dev SalesPerson Extension enables sales personnel to access all the crucial information that is necessary to close sales while out in the field. This information includes creating sales orders, managing inventory, accessing sales order history and any other relevant information. This allows sales people to function more efficiently and effectively while out in the field, increasing productivity and profits all at once

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